Rookie Me has officially launched RM Skills Training – our Australian Rules skill-based personal training sessions. These training sessions cater for both the individual athlete and groups* (maximum of 10 athletes per session), which are conducted throughout Melbourne, to equip athletes to take their game to an elite level by fine-tuning their skills.

Our focus is to assist the individual athlete (male or female) to strengthen their skills. These skills may vary from kicking, handballing, marking, winning a contested ball, tackling or clean hands. RM Skills Training coaches endeavour to teach athletes methods of improving their game and to ultimately master the basics.



The RM Skills Training coaches emphasise the importance of skill capability. The constructed drills are designed for all Australian Rules footballers, and align with current AFL standards and requirements. Tuition in skills training will orientate around three core elements: 


st skills

Skill Based Training

st strength 02

Strength + Conditioning

st professionalism